8 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Skin

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Unfortunately with age comes looser, discolored skin. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to form over time, and you might feel your face lacks the life it used to have a few years ago.

Age isn’t the only factor in this equation; the food you consume and your stress levels also play a huge role in the condition of your skin. Luckily, there are steps you can take to achieve healthy and youthful looking skin! Try incorporating some of our tips below to have your skin glow.


1. Facial Cleanser

If you aren’t already washing your face every morning and night, this is the first step you need to take to achieve healthy skin. It’s important that you are using the right facial cleanser for your skin type, whether you have dry, oily, combination, or normal skin. Different ingredients treat different skin problems, so always read the back of the bottle to ensure you aren’t wasting money on face washes that aren’t helping!


2. Exfoliate Before Bed

Exfoliating will remove the surface layer of dead skin cells on your face and body, which will then help your body create new, healthy skin cells to replace. You want to be very careful when exfoliating, since rubbing your skin too hard will actually make it more sensitive – leaving it vulnerable to harsh sun rays.


3. Apply Sunblock Everyday

Many people think unless they are spending the day outdoors, applying sunblock everyday is an unnecessary step in their skincare routine. But we are telling you – it WILL protect your skin from UV rays, in turn leaving your skin looking young and healthy. Even if you are just commuting to the office, the sun is stronger than you think. You can purchase tinted moisturizer, foundation, and even makeup primer with SPF in it. If you feel sunscreen causes your face to breakout, look for oil-free formulas such as Elta MD UV.


4. Proper Diet And Nutrition

The foods you consume don’t just affect your waistline! Keeping your blood sugar steady is the key to keeping acne breakouts astray. When your blood sugar increases, your body produces more insulin, which in turn could make your skin more prone to acne. Several fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that fight inflammation and keep skin glowing. Controlling your fat intake is also crucial, since fats can make your face appear oily if consumed in large quantities.


5. Quit Bad Habits

Taking care of your body is a priority for amazing skin. This means changing certain aspects of your lifestyle, including smoking cigarettes, decreasing alcohol intake, and quitting the tanning bed! Replace these bad habits with good ones, such as exercising daily, which will boost your circulation and activate the natural moisture in your skin.


6. Take a Daily Multivitamin

Vitamins are rich in antioxidants, which help smooth your skin while also protecting it from environmental pollutants!


7. The Dermapen

The Dermapen is an advanced needling device that solves a plethora of skin conditions, included but not limited to acne scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, and fine lines. It can also stimulate skin tightening and lifting, making you look and feel years younger. We offer it right at our office in Livingston, NJ!


8. Moisturize Twice a Day

No matter what kind of skin type you have, moisturizing is an absolute necessity for optimal skincare. Try and find an oil-free moisturizer, so you can avoid blocking your pores. Just a few drops in the morning and at night before bed will help tremendously! The best time to moisturize is after your skin is damp – so immediately following a shower or face wash is best.


Skincare in Livingston, NJ

If your skin feels lifeless and dull, a little rejuvenation might be just what you need! At Ahava Medispa, we offer a variety of procedures and products that can help you get back to the skin you used to have. If you want soft, glowing, wrinkle-free skin, contact us today to learn about our services and specials!


How to Get Flawless Eyelashes

Some people are just naturally born with longer and thicker eyelashes, but most of us are not as lucky. Working on strengthening your own lashes is part of the process. Below are some ways you can work on getting flawless eyelashes this year!

Brush Your Eyelashes

Brushing your lashes can help them grow, encouraging blood circulation so that more nutrients reach the hair follicles. Start by putting a few drops of vitamin E oil on a soft-bristled eyelash brush. Use the brush to apply the oil directly on your lashes, and continue to brush the lashes gently using upward strokes. Always start from the root of the lashes and slowly move upward, to the tip of the lash. For optimal results, brush your lashes for about five minutes twice daily until you see the results you’re looking for.

 Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a great remedy to help you get longer and thicker eyelashes. It contains numerous vitamins and nutrients that promote growth, keeping your lashes moisturized as well. Using a clean mascara wand, apply fresh aloe on your eyelashes before you go to bed. Leave it on overnight, and then rinse it off with warm water the next morning for perfect lashes.

Watch Your Diet

Your lashes need a good supply of vitamins and minerals to help them grow longer, thicker and stronger. If your diet regularly consists of fatty foods, you might notice that your lashes aren’t as long as they could be. Try switching up your diet, including more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and you’ll notice a huge difference in eyelash growth.

Use the Right Mascara

Instead of using a generic brand, you should always use quality mascara. Mascara with nourishing formulas will bring brittle lashes back to life with little to no effort. You also can try using lengthening mascara. This type of mascara contains lengthening fibers that instantly lengthen and thicken your lashes, ensuring eyelash growth. Below are a few tips on how to apply your mascara for flawless eyelashes.

Tips for Applying Your Mascara

– Bend the Mascara Brush

Bending the brush of your mascara wand makes it so much easier to maneuver. Gently bend the tip of the wand so it’s perpendicular to the handle as you pull it out of the tube. The new shape of the brush will make it easier to control, getting the harder-to-reach areas, like the tiny hairs toward the inner corner of your eye.

– Wiggle Your Brush Back and Forth

Coating your lashes evenly actually weighs down the tips of your eyelashes, causing them to straighten out after only a few minutes. The best way to keep your lashes curled longer is to apply a thicker coat of mascara at the root of your lashes and a lighter coat toward the ends. The trick is to wiggle the wand back and forth at the base, and then lightly comb through to the tips of the lashes.

– The Way You Hold the Brush Makes a Difference

The way you choose to hold your brush when applying your mascara can make an impact on your lashes. If you want voluminous lashes, hold your brush horizontally while wiggling it back and forth. If you want a more natural look, hold it vertically while running the tip of the brush along the length of your lashes.

Take Good Care of Your Eyelashes

A common cause of eyelash loss is wearing mascara for too long or not taking it off properly. Eyelashes are extremely delicate and a lot easier to pull out than your hair, so make sure you’re using a gentle makeup remover. You should remove your mascara every night, and make sure to never go to sleep with it on. Tugging or pulling on the eye area to remove mascara also can cause your lashes to break or fall out.

The best way to ensure you remove stubborn mascara is to use an eye-makeup remover that’s formulated for your skin type. If you have oily skin, look for an oil-free remover. If you have sensitive skin, invest in a gentle, fragrance-free remover that won’t irritate your eyes. When removing your mascara, wet a makeup pad with the makeup remover of your choice and press the pad against your lashes. Wipe away the mascara by using gentle, downward motions – cleansing the area lightly, so that it prevents any damage to the lashes and ensures growth.

Latisse in Livingston, New Jersey

Work wonders on your eyelashes with Latisse! Latisse eye drops from Ahava Medispa help treat patients that are not growing eyelashes at the proper rate. The Latisse process has been proven to work, resulting in enhanced growth, darkness, length and thickness of your eyelashes. Use the drops once a day for an eight-week period and apply it to the bottom part of the upper eyelashes for a more permanent effect. If you would like to inquire about a prescription for Latisse or our other medispa services, request an appointment today! You’re just drops away from having flawless eyelashes!






Get Thicker, Stronger and Healthier Hair this Spring

Everybody loves to have healthy hair all year long, but winter can make your hair dry and brittle. The constant exposure to the cold can make it hard to manage, but don’t let damaged hair get in your way this spring! Below are a few tips to get thicker, stronger and healthier hair this season.

Tips to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair

Care for Your Scalp

The first line of defense to help with dry and damaged hair this spring is caring for your scalp. If your scalp is healthy, your hair is healthy. Scalps can range from dry to oily, but there are products that can help each type. For dry scalps, massage moisturizing oil into your scalp, use a hair mask or a deep conditioning treatment to help provide moisture. For oily scalps, the best solution is to use a hair care product that cleans the scalp but also keeps the ends from being dry. Use a shampoo that specifically cleanses oily scalps and a conditioner with protein, which provides intensive care.

Use the Right Hair Products

In order to restore your damaged hair, you need to use the right products. If your hair is weak, start using shampoo, conditioner and styling products infused with protein, amino acids and other strengthening properties to reinforce it. A deep conditioning treatment can also be beneficial to strands that have lost their strength. Don’t use a shampoo that is known to dry out hair and avoid styling products that contain alcohol, which can also be drying.

However, keep in mind that you can have too much of a good thing. Excessive product usage over an extended period of time causes your hair to become weak. If your hair is already damaged, putting more products in can weigh it down and make it look rough. Additionally, try shampooing every other day if your scalp isn’t too oily. Your hair stylist can also make recommendations on the appropriate product usage.

Limit Hair Chemicals

Strong chemicals through coloring, bleaching, straightening or perms can make your hair weak and damage the actual hair fiber. When used too often, these chemicals can cause permanent damage, leaving you with split ends, breakage, dry and frizzy hair. However, you can counteract chemicals by using a shampoo and conditioner specifically for damaged hair or with deep-conditioning treatments.

Avoid Excessive Heat

Heat from blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons can cause hair breakage. Using your blow dryer on the highest heat setting on wet hair causes your hair cuticles to expand inside your hair, weakening it in the process. These fried strands then soak up the moisture from the air, causing frizz.

In order to bring your dry hair back to life, use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, then use a strengthening product before you style it. Moving forward, always keep styling tools set on low temperatures, use heat protection products on your hair before blow drying or flat ironing and follow with finishing products infused with protective oils.

Switch Up Your Hairstyle

Wearing your hair a certain way every day can do more damage than good. Wearing your hair down too often can lead to tangles and split ends, but putting your hair in ponytails and tight braids can also put stress on your hair. Changing how you wear your hair every day avoids putting strain on already damaged hair. Also, don’t go overboard when brushing your hair. Never brush your hair wet, and always use a good detangling spray to protect your hair while brushing it.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Damaged and thinning hair can also be caused by an unhealthy diet. What you eat has an effect on the health of your hair and scalp. The nutrients from healthy food are what fuel your hair growth. A diet that consists of iron-rich protein builds strong keratin, stimulates hair growth and strengthens your hair. Vitamins are also essential for hair health so try taking vitamin supplements daily. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, which helps strengthen damaged hair as well.

Restore Weak Hair with HairMedica Infusion

Get thicker, stronger and healthier hair this spring at Ahava Medispa in Livingston, NJ! We offer HairMedica Infusion, which is a scientifically proven hair re-growth system that is ideal for both men and women. HairMedica nourishes hair roots, stops follicle degeneration, rejuvenates and cleanses the scalp skin and more! Contact us about how you can get HairMedica Infusion and for more information on our other hair services and products today!


Improve Your Sex Life with the O-Shot

The O-Shot

Are you unsatisfied between the sheets? How would you like to experience stronger and more frequent orgasms during sex? You can experience an increase in sexual desire and improve clitoral stimulation with the O-Shot. This clinically proven, safe and effective procedure can help increase stimulation, lubrication, and overall sexual wellness – without the use of any drugs or surgery!

The Climax Difference

Men can climax without almost any difficulty, compared to women who take a little more time getting there. In fact, most women require 20 minutes of sexual activity to climax. But according to Planned Parenthood, 1 in 3 women have trouble reaching an orgasm when having sex, and 80% of women have trouble achieving an orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone. Although a little clitoral stimulation from your partner can help you achieve the big “O” – it’s not always the case.

Certain medical conditions can cause women to not orgasm. Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and orgasmic dysfunction are extremely common among women. FSD is the inability to orgasm, and orgasmic dysfunction is when a woman cannot achieve an orgasm or has trouble orgasming after being sexually aroused. Up to 25% of women have this type of sexual dysfunction, which may be caused by different medications, hormone issues, medical problems or relationship troubles. When sex becomes unenjoyable, sexual desire often declines and sex occurs less often, which can create conflict in your relationship.

The O-Shot Procedure

Don’t let sex become a chore. Instead, improve your orgasms with the O-Shot from Ahava Medispa in time for Valentine’s Day. This procedure uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy to make your sex life better. The O-Shot begins with a simple blood test, drawing a few vials of blood for the procedure. Using a centrifuge, the plasma containing the PRP is then separated from the red and white blood cells and re-injected into your vaginal tissue. From there, your body’s own growth factors start right away to increase the blood flow in your vaginal area.

After the procedure, you’ll soon notice the benefits of the O-Shot. You’ll experience longer and better orgasms, a tighter vaginal opening, increased natural lubrication, improved libido, less instances of incontinence and an overall more youthful appearance. The procedure only takes 15 minutes, and you can expect to feel no pain or discomfort. You’ll also experience little to no downtime, and the full effect of the results will be noticeable within a couple weeks.

O-Shot in Livingston, New Jersey

At Ahava Medispa, we offer this clinically proven, safe and effective procedure to help you increase stimulation and your overall sexual wellness. We’re proud to be one of the first medispas to specialize in the revolutionary O-Shot procedure. If you’re looking to increase the pleasure in your bedroom, schedule an appointment at our medispa in Livingston, NJ today! We also offer the P-Shot for men who are in need of improvements in their sexual performance. We look forward to hearing from you!


Tips for Taking Care of Dry Lips in the Cold Weather

Dry lips and winter weather go hand in hand. Lips become more sensitive, thin and lack in oil and sweat glands that protect the lips from the cold, harsh weather. This results in dealing with dry, cracked, chapped and painful lips all winter long. But how can you get your lips to feel smooth, soft and moisturized this winter? Prevention is key! Listed below are some simple tips to help you take care of your lips this winter.

Exfoliate Your Lips

Exfoliating your lips is a great way to remove any dry or chapped skin cells during the winter. After you exfoliate, your lips will look fresher and feel smoother in no time. However, don’t over do it! You shouldn’t exfoliate your lips more than twice a week, as it may lead to your lips becoming drier. Try scrubbing your lips once a week with a natural exfoliator to see optimal results. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips after you exfoliate!

Healthy Eating

Eating more foods rich in vitamins A, B, C and E will help prevent your lips from becoming dried out and chapped this winter. Here’s how eating a diet rich in healthy vitamins can help protect your lips from the cold:

•Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps maintain and repair your skin tissue, especially dry lips due to aging. Foods rich in vitamin A include sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, cantaloupe, fish and tropical fruits.

•Vitamin B

Vitamin B helps retain the moisture in your lips, making them appear and feel smooth all winter long. Foods rich in Vitamin B include fortified cereals, eggs, pork, chicken, fish, asparagus, spinach, and nuts.

•Vitamin C

Vitamin C increases the collagen production in your lips making them fuller while also repairing your lips from the effects of the sun. Foods rich in Vitamin C include citrus fruits, tomatoes, peas, broccoli, berries, papayas, bell peppers and dark leafy greens.

•Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around your lips. Foods rich in Vitamin E include almonds, avocado, kale, spinach, seeds, squash, plant oils, shellfish, fish and fruits.

However, there are some foods you do need to avoid in the cold. Spicy or salty foods can cause you to frequently lick your lips, which can end up irritating your lips even more. To prevent your lips from drying out, stay away from these foods on harsh winter days.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is one of the main causes of dried out skin in the winter. Make sure you are drinking a sufficient amount of water – at least eight glasses daily – to hydrate and protect your skin.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is not only bad for your health, but also bad for your lips. It can leave dark or black spots and make your lips extremely chapped. It’s wise to quit smoking in the winter to prevent dry and tender lips, but if you’re having trouble quitting, make sure you use a lip balm after each time you smoke.

Cover Your Lips

Before you go outside, you need to make sure you are protecting your lips from the harsh winter elements. It’s best to wear a winter coat with a hood that can secure at the bottom of your face to keep in the moisture. You also want to cover your lips with a scarf or ski mask to prevent the harsh winter air from affecting your lips.

Keep Your Room Temperature in Check

You not only need to protect your lips from outside temperatures, but also indoor temperatures. Turning the heat on in your house is great for keeping you warm, but it also makes the air drier. With dry air, room temperatures can create a more harmful environment for your lips. However, you can prevent this by investing in a humidifier. A humidifier can keep the inside air ideally moist, which in turn can help protect your lips from drying out. Try to keep your humidifier’s temperature around 30-40%, if you go any higher, it can cause other bacteria to arise due to excessive humidity.

Avoid Licking or Peeling Your Lips

It’s tempting to lick, bite or peel your lips during the winter. Even though you might get the urge, try to resist touching your lips at all. Biting or picking can cause your lips to bleed and appear cracked, making them look worse than before. Licking can also dry them out more, as your saliva can take out the moisture from your lips. If you keep up these bad habits during the winter, your lips will quickly become chapped and cracked.

Buy Lip Balm

One of the best cures for dry lips is lip balm. Lip balm helps soften and protect your lips with moisturizing ingredients, providing a smoother feel. Before you buy a lip balm for the winter, take into consideration how long it lasts, if it contains natural ingredients, includes SPF sunblock and has extra moisturizing power. If it doesn’t, it might have the potential to dry out your lips even more. Be selective with your lip balm when picking it out and closely look at the ingredients to avoid a potential allergic reaction. You should always have your lip balm on hand too, so whenever you feel a slight dryness or tightness you can easily apply it. If your lips are more chapped than usual, try using petroleum jelly to help your lips heal fast and for further protection.

Treat Your Lips with Restylane Silk

For a silky, smooth natural-looking smile, enhance your lips with Restylane Silk at Ahava Medispa this winter. Restylane Silk is specifically designed to smooth wrinkles and lines around the mouth and provides a subtle lip enhancement, creating a natural-looking difference. With its unique gel formula, Restylane Silk will help soften your lips fast with long-lasting results. Don’t have chapped lips this winter and contact Ahava Medispa today by calling (973) 991-9772 to schedule an appointment at our medispa in Livingston, NJ. Look and feel beautiful this winter with us!


How to Fight Dry Skin in the Winter

With winter approaching be prepared for lower temperatures and a constant battle with dry skin. In the winter your skin can easily become red, irritated, dry and tight – causing your skin to become inflamed and feel uncomfortable. However, you can easily fight dry skin by following the expert tips below.

Winter Skin Care Tips


Moisturizing is essential for your skin care regimen in the colder weather. Pick a moisturizer that is oil-based so it will create a protective layer on the skin, retaining more moisture than a water-based lotion. However, don’t choose just any oils, pick an oil-based moisturizer that won’t clog facial pores. This includes moisturizers that contain oils such as mineral oil, primrose oil, almond oil or avocado oil.

Don’t Shower in Hot Temperatures

A nice hot shower can be tempting in the cold weather, but showering in extremely hot temperatures can dry out your skin even more. Hot water actually removes natural and protective oils from your skin, and if you are continuously taking hot showers the more oils are removed. This leaves your skin dry, itchy and tight. Instead take a lukewarm shower or bath to still stay warm and protect your skin at the same time.

Protect Yourself from Windburn

If you’re going to workout in the cold make sure you protect yourself from windburn. Windburn is a result of cold temperatures and low humidity, which diminishes the natural oils in your skin. This causes your skin to become dry and irritated – later leading to a red and peeling face. Windburn can occur anywhere on the body that it is exposed to the winter elements, but most commonly appears on the face. In order to prevent windburn, be sure to apply moisturizing sunblock, keep your skin covered and only workout for a short period of time if the weather is extremely cold. If you do get windburn, simply apply lotion three to four times a day on the affected area so it can heal.

Use a Humidifier

Central heating blasts hot air all throughout your apartment or house – leaving your skin dry and tight. Prevent your skin from drying out by investing in a humidifier. A humidifier creates more moisture in the air, which is good for your skin. In conjunction with your central heating, place several humidifiers throughout your home to help evenly distribute the moisture and prevent dry, cracked skin.

Refresh Your Face

Keep your skin radiant all winter long with a Dermaceutic face peel at Ahava Medispa in Livingston, New Jersey. By using a Dermaceutic peel, you’ll be able to refresh your skin, add natural radiance, and reduce the appearance of pigmented spots. For the winter, the best Dermaceutic peel is the Milk Treatment Superficial Peel. This foaming cleanser eliminates impurities and dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and silky while delivering intense hydration for smoothing and repairing action. Exfoliate once a week so you can remove dead skin cells, but no more than that, as too much exfoliating can irritate the skin.

Medispa in Livingston, New Jersey

If you are interested in learning more about a Dermaceutic face peel, stop by Ahava Medispa in Livingston, NJ for more information on our revolutionary skin care products. Contact us today to make an appointment and take the first steps towards a new you.


Top 6 Skin Treatments for Wrinkles


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The Best Ways to Treat Skin Affected by Aging

In a perfect world, we gain all the wisdom, life experience and beautiful moments that aging brings us – without showing any signs of getting older. And even though maturing leaves us with imperfect and inevitable physical changes such as dark spots and, more popularly, wrinkles, there are (thankfully!) forms of treatment that can decrease the appearance – and even reduce the chances of – any blemishes and changes to the skin. These top six treatments range from topical moisturizers to more aggressive procedures, and have been proven to reduce the appearance of both fine and deep wrinkle lines.

1. Dermapen

The Dermapen’s thin structure allows for an all-inclusive skin treatment, puncturing the top layer of skin with a set of needles. The Dermapen will let your skin rejuvenate itself bottom-up, and has been to known to solve problems like tight, stagnant skin, acne and stretch marks. More importantly, though, the Dermapen lessens and removes wrinkles and fine lines altogether. Because of its thin, pen-like shape, it is able to treat wrinkles around even the hardest-to-reach places like the nose, and even the area surrounding your lips. Most people only need four to six Dermapen treatments to see noticeable, successful results.

2. Dermaceutic Peels

Different people have different types of wrinkles, primarily based on age, sun exposure and other underlying factors. That being said, some wrinkles are deeper set into your skin, and require a more serious type of attention. Dermaceutic peels treat these wrinkles through skin stimulation, in the form of extremely effective yet non-invasive exfoliants. There are three successful types of Dermaceutic peels, which differ in their ingredients and approaches: The Milk Treatment superficial peel, the Spot Treatment moderate pigment-focused peel, and the Cosmo Treatment advanced rejuvenation system.

3. Neocutis

Clinically proven to diminish the appearance of a person with aged skin, Neocutis is a skin nourishing technology that uses processed skin cell proteins (PSP) to reduce and eliminate any wrinkle lines. PSP is exclusive to Neocutis products, and is a refreshingly new, naturally balanced blend of proteins that nourish the skin and polypeptides. Studies show that the Neocutis bio-cream, in particular, improves the appearance of wrinkles after two months of daily application. The Neocutis bioserum intensive treatment is also an efficient option; the treatment actually uses light microspheres, which adhere to wrinkles immediately giving off the impression that they are fading.

4. Botox Injections

Making older celeb faces look more polished and youthful than ever before, Botox injections definitely earn a spot on the list of top wrinkle treatments. Over an extended period of time, the wrinkles that form on your face – primarily your forehead – become long-lasting and damaged by the sun. Botox injections are used to relax these stiff muscles, temporarily reducing the appearance of the lines altogether. Wrinkled areas that typically require the most Botox injections include frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet. However, people have also been known to receive them at the corners of their mouth and at the sides of their nose.

5. Fillers

Often paired with cosmetic Botox procedures, receiving wrinkle fillers will give your face a smoother, more full appearance. While there are many options available, Juvederm Voluma XC is currently the first and only FDA-approved injectable gel available that instantly adds volume to the facial area; since wrinkles can make a face appear thinner than it should, this is definitely a treatment worth trying. People who receive Juvederm Voluma XC fillers are able to do so in one simple session, and enjoy long-lasting results up to two years.

6. Laser Resurfacing

Also known as laser vaporization, laser resurfacing utilizes a laser – containing either carbon dioxide or erbium – to get rid of cells that have been damaged at the skin’s surface. Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing uses a pattern of short, palpitated light energy to remove layers of the skin, and leaves the patient with a recovery time of two weeks. Erbium laser resurfacing, on the other hand, removes deeper wrinkle lines and has few to no side effects, allowing for an almost instant, speedy recovery.

If you find yourself fearing the natural aging process – primarily all of the wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots it leaves on your skin – make an appointment at Ahava Medispa. Ahava Medispa in Livingston, New Jersey offers all of the top treatments for wrinkles, and is located less than an hour away from New York City. Offering a large amount of services and products to treat skin affected by age, Ahava’s staff prides themselves on being perfectionists, and won’t settle for anything less than the satisfaction of each patient they take on. Call the office at 973-369-7234 to schedule an appointment for your wrinkle treatment today.


Refresh for Labor Day with These 5 Treatments

Quick Facial Procedures to Get Before Labor Day

Labor day is the time to recognize and celebrate all of our hard work – so it’s only fitting to reward ourselves, right? These five facial treatments will leave you feeling refreshed, youthful and completely satisfied – the perfect gift each and every one of us deserves this September.

1. Vampire Facial

With aging comes both mental and physical wear and tear. In addition to our memory becoming a bit spottier than we’d like, our bodies begin to show our age in a negative way. Fortunately, the vampire facial – a procedure best known for further beautifying Kim Kardashian’s face – hides the three most common (and noticeable) signs of aging. These indicators include a gray skin tone, a collapsed face and a rough texture to the skin. Utilizing Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers and a patient’s own blood, the vampire facial leaves skin smooth, rejuvenated and virtually flawless.

2. BBL Forever Young

Given in a series of treatments as opposed to a one-time deal, the Broadband Light Treatment Forever Young procedure – more commonly known as BBL Forever Young – revitalizes skin while delaying the aging process. The unique flash lamp technology utilizes two lamps, each supplying a half amount of energy during the treatment session. The large range of wavelengths are able to prevent and cure negative symptoms brought on by skin conditions, and its flexible fitness adapters make it super easy to reach even the most conspicuous of places.

3. BOTOX® Cosmetic

Thanks to work days that never end, stress-filled lives and the inevitable side effects of aging, our faces naturally adapt crow’s feet, wrinkles and frown lines. While these are things that everyone is sure to acquire at some point in their lifetime, they don’t have to stay there forever; thanks to BOTOX® Cosmetic, these imperfections are able to temporarily disappear. Working underneath your skin and focusing on the muscles specifically, BOTOX® injections will reduce he appearance of such unwanted blemishes.

4. Ultherapy

The only procedure that awakens and increases collagen production without the use of surgery, ultherapy brings about tightened, firmed and lifted skin. A short procedure that lasts anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, the FDA-approved method uses ultrasound energy on the particular layer of skin, utilizing the tissue. This energy then rejuvenates collagen, which then treats the most typical areas that people tend to have loose skin – under the chin, neck and around the eyebrows. Results can be noticeable immediately following ultherapy, and even last up until six months afterward.

5. Juvederm Voluma

Known for its sterling reputation, Juvederm Voluma XC is the only FDA-approved injectable gel on the market. The gel actually adds an abundant amount of volume to the cheeks, in addition to increasing the appearance of a contour, lifting the face and bringing about a more youthful appearance. Because we lose hyaluronic acid as we age, our cheeks lose volume and take on a saggy appearance – thanks to Juvederm Voluma XC, however, a quick application of gel gives an instant lift with stunningly natural results. If you opt for a long-lasting treatment, the results can exist for up to two years. A bonus? Juvederm Voluma XC contains lidocaine, which helps bring about comfort during the procedure.
Labor day is right around the corner. Considering how hard you’ve worked, and how important it is to reward yourself for that amazing effort, it’s time to seriously consider treating yourself. These five skin treatments are all conveniently offered at the new, unique and popular Ahava Laser Center & Medispa in Livingston, New Jersey. Make your appointment by contacting the office at 973-369-7234. Not sure which facial treatment you’d like to try? Give us a call, and we’d be more than happy to further discuss your options!


How the Summer Sun is Affecting Your Skin

Image via Pixabay

Who doesn’t love achieving that perfect healthy summer glow? Unfortunately, the quest for the perfect tan leaves many of us outdoors without much protection on our skin. While you may love the way your skin looks after a long day in the sun, it is important to think long-term about the effects the sun is having on your skin.

Premature Aging

While you are out in the sun looking to achieve a youthful glow, the sun is actually giving you the opposite effects. The sun plays a major role in premature aging. UV rays (UVA and UVB) have been proven to have a direct effect on the skin, as these rays break down collagen and impair the production of new collagen. After years of your youth basking in the sun with no sunscreen, don’t be surprised when your skin begins to lose its elasticity and wrinkles form.

Sun Spots

Sun spots, also known as ‘liver spots’, are unsightly dark spots that appear on the chest, shoulders, upper back, arms and hands. These flat, brown spots will continue to darken and pop up more frequently with increased exposure to UV rays. Sunspots form when your pigment making cells, melanocytes, produce excess pigmentation in one spot when exposed to UV rays.

Skin Cancer

The sun can have even worse effects on the skin than premature aging and sun spots; skin cancer is directly correlated to the exposure of UV rays. In fact, the number one cause of skin cancer is overexposure to UV rays outdoors or through the use of tanning beds. UV radiation damages the skin’s DNA, and over time may cause the skin cells to begin growing out of control – which leads to cancer development.


It may sound elementary, but protecting your skin from the sun is the best way to prevent damage such as premature aging, sun spots, and even skin cancer. It is recommended that UVA/UVB blocking sunscreen be worn (and reapplied often) whenever outside – even in the winter. If you notice your skin getting pink or red, head over to the shade for the rest of the day. It is never too late to begin practicing healthy habits!

BBL Forever Young

To reverse the effects of sun damage such as premature aging and sun spots, consider BBL Forever Young by Ahava Medispa in Livingston. This non-ablative treatment utilizes broadband light (BBL) to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the signs of aging. This treatment is highly recommended among patients with sun-damaged skin. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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Aesthetics LivingstonAesthetics Livingston

Aesthetics Livingston

Ultherapy is the only non-invasive procedure FDA-cleared to lift skin on the neck, chin and brow for Natural, Noticeable Results

BBL Forver Young LivingstonBBL Forver Young Livingston

BBL Forver Young Livingston

Regular maintenance treatments using Forever Young BBL functionally rejuvenates skin and delays skin aging.

Medical Spa LivingstonMedical Spa Livingston

Medical Spa Livingston

Apollo offers safe wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, preventive wrinkle and aging, & cellulite treatment.

Botox LivingstonBotox Livingston

Botox Livingston

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the first and only FDA-approved prescription product that temporarily improves your appearance.