How to Fight Dry Skin in the Winter

With winter approaching be prepared for lower temperatures and a constant battle with dry skin. In the winter your skin can easily become red, irritated, dry and tight – causing your skin to become inflamed and feel uncomfortable. However, you can easily fight dry skin by following the expert tips below.

Winter Skin Care Tips


Moisturizing is essential for your skin care regimen in the colder weather. Pick a moisturizer that is oil-based so it will create a protective layer on the skin, retaining more moisture than a water-based lotion. However, don’t choose just any oils, pick an oil-based moisturizer that won’t clog facial pores. This includes moisturizers that contain oils such as mineral oil, primrose oil, almond oil or avocado oil.

Don’t Shower in Hot Temperatures

A nice hot shower can be tempting in the cold weather, but showering in extremely hot temperatures can dry out your skin even more. Hot water actually removes natural and protective oils from your skin, and if you are continuously taking hot showers the more oils are removed. This leaves your skin dry, itchy and tight. Instead take a lukewarm shower or bath to still stay warm and protect your skin at the same time.

Protect Yourself from Windburn

If you’re going to workout in the cold make sure you protect yourself from windburn. Windburn is a result of cold temperatures and low humidity, which diminishes the natural oils in your skin. This causes your skin to become dry and irritated – later leading to a red and peeling face. Windburn can occur anywhere on the body that it is exposed to the winter elements, but most commonly appears on the face. In order to prevent windburn, be sure to apply moisturizing sunblock, keep your skin covered and only workout for a short period of time if the weather is extremely cold. If you do get windburn, simply apply lotion three to four times a day on the affected area so it can heal.

Use a Humidifier

Central heating blasts hot air all throughout your apartment or house – leaving your skin dry and tight. Prevent your skin from drying out by investing in a humidifier. A humidifier creates more moisture in the air, which is good for your skin. In conjunction with your central heating, place several humidifiers throughout your home to help evenly distribute the moisture and prevent dry, cracked skin.

Refresh Your Face

Keep your skin radiant all winter long with a Dermaceutic face peel at Ahava Medispa in Livingston, New Jersey. By using a Dermaceutic peel, you’ll be able to refresh your skin, add natural radiance, and reduce the appearance of pigmented spots. For the winter, the best Dermaceutic peel is the Milk Treatment Superficial Peel. This foaming cleanser eliminates impurities and dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and silky while delivering intense hydration for smoothing and repairing action. Exfoliate once a week so you can remove dead skin cells, but no more than that, as too much exfoliating can irritate the skin.

Medispa in Livingston, New Jersey

If you are interested in learning more about a Dermaceutic face peel, stop by Ahava Medispa in Livingston, NJ for more information on our revolutionary skin care products. Contact us today to make an appointment and take the first steps towards a new you.

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