Get Thicker, Stronger and Healthier Hair this Spring

Everybody loves to have healthy hair all year long, but winter can make your hair dry and brittle. The constant exposure to the cold can make it hard to manage, but don’t let damaged hair get in your way this spring! Below are a few tips to get thicker, stronger and healthier hair this season.

Tips to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair

Care for Your Scalp

The first line of defense to help with dry and damaged hair this spring is caring for your scalp. If your scalp is healthy, your hair is healthy. Scalps can range from dry to oily, but there are products that can help each type. For dry scalps, massage moisturizing oil into your scalp, use a hair mask or a deep conditioning treatment to help provide moisture. For oily scalps, the best solution is to use a hair care product that cleans the scalp but also keeps the ends from being dry. Use a shampoo that specifically cleanses oily scalps and a conditioner with protein, which provides intensive care.

Use the Right Hair Products

In order to restore your damaged hair, you need to use the right products. If your hair is weak, start using shampoo, conditioner and styling products infused with protein, amino acids and other strengthening properties to reinforce it. A deep conditioning treatment can also be beneficial to strands that have lost their strength. Don’t use a shampoo that is known to dry out hair and avoid styling products that contain alcohol, which can also be drying.

However, keep in mind that you can have too much of a good thing. Excessive product usage over an extended period of time causes your hair to become weak. If your hair is already damaged, putting more products in can weigh it down and make it look rough. Additionally, try shampooing every other day if your scalp isn’t too oily. Your hair stylist can also make recommendations on the appropriate product usage.

Limit Hair Chemicals

Strong chemicals through coloring, bleaching, straightening or perms can make your hair weak and damage the actual hair fiber. When used too often, these chemicals can cause permanent damage, leaving you with split ends, breakage, dry and frizzy hair. However, you can counteract chemicals by using a shampoo and conditioner specifically for damaged hair or with deep-conditioning treatments.

Avoid Excessive Heat

Heat from blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons can cause hair breakage. Using your blow dryer on the highest heat setting on wet hair causes your hair cuticles to expand inside your hair, weakening it in the process. These fried strands then soak up the moisture from the air, causing frizz.

In order to bring your dry hair back to life, use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, then use a strengthening product before you style it. Moving forward, always keep styling tools set on low temperatures, use heat protection products on your hair before blow drying or flat ironing and follow with finishing products infused with protective oils.

Switch Up Your Hairstyle

Wearing your hair a certain way every day can do more damage than good. Wearing your hair down too often can lead to tangles and split ends, but putting your hair in ponytails and tight braids can also put stress on your hair. Changing how you wear your hair every day avoids putting strain on already damaged hair. Also, don’t go overboard when brushing your hair. Never brush your hair wet, and always use a good detangling spray to protect your hair while brushing it.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Damaged and thinning hair can also be caused by an unhealthy diet. What you eat has an effect on the health of your hair and scalp. The nutrients from healthy food are what fuel your hair growth. A diet that consists of iron-rich protein builds strong keratin, stimulates hair growth and strengthens your hair. Vitamins are also essential for hair health so try taking vitamin supplements daily. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, which helps strengthen damaged hair as well.

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