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The older a person gets, the more time he or she spends expressing emotion on his or her face – be it laughing, frowning, smiling or scowling. Just as these emotional reactions are natural, the side effects left on a person’s skin are normal, too. Two of the most common types of wrinkles seen in both men and women alike are crow’s feet, defined by the the lines around the eyes – brought on by smiling and laughing – and frown lines, a gathering of folded tissue between the eyebrows. Permanent, elastic creases caused specifically by age, and atrophic crinkling rhytids, small parallel lines that come and go when skin is pulled, are two other common types of wrinkles. Fortunately, a trip to a medical spa will provide some much-needed treatment options to treat wrinkles for an extended period of time.

Botox Cosmetic

The only FDA-approved, prescription product that improves the appearance of crow’s feet and frown lines for a temporary period of time is Botox Cosmetic. It is an injectable inserted into targeted areas of the skin. The filler actually works beneath the surface of the skin to treat the underlying muscle activity that causes these wrinkles to form. For a specific period of time after the Botox fillers have been injected, the muscles will reduce action and the appearance of crow’s feet and frown lines will be significantly improved.


A treatment utilizing the timeless practice of exfoliation, microdermabrasion does not entail lasers, cream or any type of injectable. Instead, the procedure relies on a metal wand to scrape away and exfoliate any dry, bumpy skin and spots that were damaged by the sun. A restored, smooth skin texture is the result of this treatment, a much-welcomed outcome that can last as long as three weeks. In addition to smoothing out lines and softening a person’s complexion, microdermabrasion also can double as a way to prepare a man or woman’s face for a chemical peel.


It’s amazing what a small, handheld device can do for a person’s skin. Dermapen has become one of the quickest, most efficient ways to tighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin – which subsequently lessens and removes wrinkles altogether. This thin device punctures the affected, outermost layer of the skin by using fine needles to trigger the skin to rejuvenate from the bottom up. Because it is shaped like a pen, Dermapen is able to treat those hard-to-reach areas that need the most improvement, like the wrinkles found around the nose and lips. By stimulating collagen production, the outcome of Dermapen is smart and fast-acting. About four to six treatments will usually yield the most successful results, leaving a person’s face wrinkle-free and completely tight once again after the Dermapen procedure is complete.


A medical spa that cares about its patients will most likely have Sculptra on its anti-wrinkle treatment menu. This injectable liquid promotes natural collagen stimulation, adding volume to particular areas of the face that have lost it over the years. Unlike other products of its kind, Sculptra builds up the skin’s collagen as it disappears gradually, allowing for results that emerge subtly and over an extended period of time – a true natural reaction that does not look forced or fake. When it comes to nixing wrinkles, Sculptra targets smile lines underneath and around the nose; vertical and horizontal lines across the forehead; marionette lines, located at the corners of the mouth; nasolabial lines, which run from the nose to the lip; and chin lines. The best part? Three injections can last for up to two years.

Consult a Skin Care Professional to Receive Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Maintaining your appearance and keeping skin at its healthiest means kissing pesky, unwanted wrinkles goodbye. Ahava Medispa is the leading medical spa in Livingston, New Jersey, and offers a wide variety of anti-wrinkle treatments – in addition to our other beneficial services – to our valued patients. If you live in New Jersey, New York or any other surrounding areas, you can schedule an appointment for an anti-wrinkle treatment by contacting Ahava Medispa at 973-369-7234.

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