Easy Tips for Getting Soft Legs for the Holidays

Shaving your legs is usually the last thing on a woman’s to-do list during the winter months of December, January, and February. Aside from the fact that they’re usually covered up thanks to the typical chilly weather, your legs oftentimes get neglected, scaly and dried out from the sudden decrease in humidity, and the constant hot hair blasting. If your legs are in serious need of a refresh during the holidays, try out these simple tips for returning them to a soft and smooth state.

Exfoliate with a Body Scrub

It’s crucial to exfoliate the skin on your legs. Exfoliating removes all of the dead skin cells on the outermost layer, so that a fresh base can be created for the new, healthy and smooth skin to shine through. In the shower, allow your skin to be covered in warm to hot running water. Turn the water off, and apply a body scrub to your legs, rubbing it in a circular motion for maximum coverage. Once you get out of the shower, gently pat your legs dry, so that the body scrub can remain intact and fully soak in.

Try Laser Hair Removal

Non-invasive and extremely effective, laser hair removal is a perfect method for achieving soft skin. The treatment involves a set of focusing beams of concentrated light that go directly into the hair follicles on your legs, which then absorb the light and destroy the leg hair. Since laser hair removal inhibits future hair from growing, the treatment is long lasting, and will keep your legs looking and feeling smooth and silky for months and months to come. Laser hair removal is ideal for every skin type, and does not require any recovery time – so you can enjoy your new, smooth legs as soon as it’s complete. 

Use Shaving Cream or Gel

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make – and one that contributes to rough, dry skin – is not using shaving cream or gel while shaving your legs. When you don’t apply anything to your legs prior to shaving, or just use soap, the razor does not glide easily over the skin. Instead, it leaves your legs feeling rough, broken and easily susceptible to minor cuts. Always be sure to incorporate shaving cream or gel into your shaving routine, so that your legs will be properly moisturized and not impacted by the razor in a negative way.

Apply Body Oil

Body oil is one of the most revitalizing remedies for dry, flaky skin on your legs that commonly occur during the cold winter months. Just like the natural oils that are produced in your skin, store bought body oil nourishes and softens skin completely once it’s been rubbed in. Body oil does not usually clog pores, and absorbs easily into your skin – so you can apply it to your legs throughout the holiday season, when you’re constantly blasting the heat to stay warm in your home or car. As soon as you’ve taken a shower or bath, rub the body oil onto your legs while your skin is still damp, so it can absorb it more easily.

Hydrate with Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid isn’t just any ordinary moisturizer. In fact, the product often contains vitamins A, B, C and E to give your dead, dry skin even more of a boost, and makes your skin appear as those it’s younger and fresher than it really is. If the skin on your legs is unbearably dry this holiday season, opt for hyaluronic acid to revitalize its outer layer. It really gets in to every single crevice, and repairs damaged and dry skin that seems beyond saving.

Get Smooth Legs with Laser Hair Removal at Ahava Medispa

Believe it or not, smooth legs are attainable – even during the winter. Before you dress up for this year’s holiday party, make sure your legs are the smoothest and softest as possible by stopping at Ahava Medispa for a laser hair removal treatment. We are conveniently located in Livingston, New Jersey, and you can contact us by calling 973-369-7234 to set up your appointment.

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