While striving for the smoothest shave is on top of everyone’s list, this practice is definitely easier said than done. Between the time spent on getting every spot and the skill it requires to not break the skin, leg shaving is an art in itself. To help you sharpen up your skill, we have put together a list of tips and tricks to help you get smoother legs when you shave.

Proper Preparation

Pick the Right Razor

One of the most important components of getting the smoothest shave is utilizing the right equipment. Razors can be expensive, especially when cycling out a different blade every five to ten uses, but choosing the right razor can make or break this delicate process. No matter how “close cutting” the advertisements may make razors for women seem, men’s razors are better for coarse leg hair. Remember, the more the merrier when it comes to getting the smoothest shave, so choose a razor with a minimum of three blades for the best results.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Be sure when you run your shower that the water is warm versus steaming hot. Hot water can dry out your skin and increase the chances of razor burn – whereas in a lukewarm shower your pores open up more, giving you a closer shave. Properly hydrating your skin can also serve as a benefit to getting the smoothest shave. Stick to moisturizing and hydrating lotions and exfoliants, and stay away from the traditional bar soaps, which have been known to cause dryness.

Take Your Time

While it is understandable that shaving your legs can often be a last minute chore, giving your skin time to open up can greatly affect the outcome. Try giving yourself more time during this routine and shave the night before. Give your skin five to fifteen minutes to open up prior to shaving and leave the rest of the night for the skin/hair to heal. This greatly reduces the chances of irritating razor bumps from developing.

Smooth Shaving

Lather Up

Once you’ve prepared your legs and have all the equipment on hand, it’s time to start the process. It is up to you whether you want to lather one or both legs at a time, but always remember to use shaving cream over anything else. When it comes to shaving, using shaving cream has three special purposes: lubrication, desensitizing, and moisturization. Shaving cream creates a thin layer of protection between the razor blades and your skin, allowing a smoother stroke and minimized friction, which can lead to less redness and irritation. If by chance you do not have shaving cream available, using more shampoo or shower gel can provide similar results while in a rush.

Go With The Grain

We have all heard the term “go against the grain” when it comes to shaving but do not be fooled. While going against the grain provides a closer cut, if your hair is too long, this method can end up causing unwanted irritation, ingrown hairs, nicks, and cuts. Instead, start by shaving in the direction your hair grows. Go with the grain the first time around to allow a quick trim that can be gone over a second time in the opposing direction. Once you have finished your initial shave, use your hand to feel for any spots you have missed. While most hairs grow downward, areas around the knee and ankle may be better addressed shaving sideways or on a diagonal angle. Treat these areas as you did with the rest of your leg and attempt short strokes in various directions to get the closest shave. Be sure to apply additional gel as needed for this second round of shaving.


Before your legs are ready for their new debut, finish your shower with a cold rinse. Cold water constricts open pores, prevents swelling, and disallows dead skin to gather all together. Once dried, apply a thick layer of moisturizing lotion, especially around your knees and ankles. Lotions that include aloe or body butter are a great choice during warmer weather or if you have particularly dry skin. Skipping this step increases dryness and irritability during the next few days.

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