Laser Hair Removal Options in NJ

There are several different types of laser hair removal methods in use in the United States. While all typically work the same way, some may provide better value and higher comfort than other types. Below, we will go through how laser hair removal works and what the best type of laser hair removal is. At Ahava Medispa, we are committed to providing the top laser hair removal services available so that our clients are left satisfied and comfortable with their end result.

Ruby Laser Hair Removal

The Ruby Laser machine is the oldest laser hair removal treatment still in use. It is no longer utilized as the go-to laser hair removal treatment because it only works on lighter hairs, can not be used on darker or tanned skin, and treatment takes longer than other available options. The Ruby method also tends to be a bit more painful and harsh on the skin, which in turn lengthens recovery time. Multiple treatments are necessary to achieve permanent hair removal.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite laser hair removal is a common laser hair removal method. This laser emits a high energy light through an Alexandrite crystal. This red light beam penetrates the skin to remove hair. This laser is still not recommended for patients with darker skin. Alexandrite is relatively efficient and may be a good choice for treating a large area of skin for patients with lighter skin pigmentation. Between 6 and 12 treatments are necessary for permanent hair removal depending on the thickness of the hair.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

The Diode laser is actually very similar to the Alexandrite laser. The only difference is that the Diode has a slightly longer laser beam, thus penetrating the skin more deeply and removing hair more quickly. Unfortunately, there is a higher rate of side effects among patients who utilize the Diode Laser, such as hyperpigmentation, swelling, itching and bruising.

Nd:YAG Laser Hair Removal (ClearScan® by Sciton®)

This Laser Hair Removal method targets hair follicles and destroys them using infrared energy. Using a high tech scanning system, the computer guided machine will scan the body and place the laser beam in the most precise positioning for the patient.  The Nd; YAG laser, which is offered at Ahava Medispa, is often preferred because it is safe for all skin types and safe for all skin colors.

Ahava Medispa offers the leading Nd:YAG Laser Hair Removal in New Jersey, ClearScan by Sciton. In addition to removing hair, this treatment is also extremely effective for patients suffering with wrinkles, vascular lesions, and benign pigmented lesions. FDA-approved for both men and women, ClearScan by Sciton is an effective and safe way to remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body. We highly recommend this method for laser hair removal in Livingston, NJ because it is safe for all skin types and yields absolutely beautiful results.

Learn More About Laser Hair Removal in NJ

Interested in laser hair removal but unsure where to start? The professionals at Ahava Medispa in Livingston, New Jersey are here to help you determine which procedure(s) are safe for your specific body. We strive to help every client achieve their desired results safely and effectively. We will help you choose the right laser hair removal based on your skin type and color to ensure you are left with smooth, soft, beautiful skin! Contact us today to learn more.

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