Unwanted hair on the face or body is something that affects countless people every day. If you’re one of those people, you’ve probably resorted to temporary fixes such as waxing, shaving, and tweezing, only to find more hair growing back, seemingly with a vengeance. Laser hair removal could be the solution that you’ve been looking for. The process works by using a concentrated beam of light, otherwise known as a laser, and directing it onto the hair follicles. The follicles then absorb the light and destroy unwanted hair. After a few sessions of laser hair removal, the skin will be smooth and hairless. This all sounds almost too good to be true! Well, just like with any treatments, it’s accompanied by certain risks. While laser hair removal may be the right choice for you, safety must always be a top priority just as much as the benefits. Here are some of the risks of laser hair removal that you should know about.

Skin Irritation

If the laser is concentrated enough to get rid of hair, then it’s assumed that it may damage the skin to some degree. A discomfort of the skin within the area that was worked on during the laser hair removal is common in patients, usually within the first few hours after the session. You may also experience redness, swelling, and sensitivity. These symptoms typically subside over a short amount of time. Some say that the sensation can be equated to that of a sunburn after a day at the beach and can sometimes linger for up to two days. If you are especially sensitive, some doctors may use a topical anesthetic to alleviate some of the potential irritation. If you feel that the discomfort becomes increasingly painful, consult with your laser hair removal specialist.

Pigment Changes

If you’ve recently undergone laser hair removal treatment, then you may have noticed that the color of your skin in that area may have been affected. This is a relatively common side effect of laser hair removal and should be no cause for alarm. In patients with lighter skin, it is typical for the affected skin to become slightly darker, while patients with darker skin may notice that the area has become lighter. This typically occurs when patients do not heed the advice of avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun after undergoing laser hair removal. The side effect is temporary and the skin will usually return to normal in a short amount of time.

Potential Infection

By getting rid of the hair in the hair follicles, they can remain open until they have had time to heal from the procedure. Until they have had time to fully heal, the hair follicles should be treated similarly to a wound. Keeping the area covered and away from prolonged sun exposure is key and proper hygiene is required. Though not as common as the other side effects, infections carry a certain amount of risk. Therefore, if you notice any signs of an infection, contact your laser hair removal specialist or dermatologist. Do not apply over-the-counter antibiotic creams as they may further irritate the area.

Burns and Blisters

It is important to note that these side effects only occur in rare cases, especially when working with a reputable laser hair removal specialist. With that being said, there is a potential for burns and blisters during the process. Laser hair removal requires a very high heat laser, and as with any high heat procedure, burns and blisters are a risk. However, as we said, these cases are very rare.


Just as with burns and blisters, scars typically only occur if a mistake has been made and are rare when in the hands of the highly qualified professional. However, scars can also come from improper post-treatment by the patient. If you do not follow the instructions of care given to you after your laser hair removal session, there is a higher chance that some scarring may occur. It’s vital that you keep the area moisturized, safe from the sun, and check it for symptoms of infection regularly.

Laser Hair Removal in Livingston

As with anything in life, you will get a better result from laser hair removal with an experienced doctor. At Ahava Medispa, we offer only the most comprehensive assistance from highly qualified professionals. Enjoy a luxurious experience as we take you through the process and post-treatment care. We invite you to schedule an appointment today and take advantage of our state of the art laser hair removal equipment, our “red carpet” experience, and our commitment to high quality cosmetic service.

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