What is Latisse?

Some people are born with long and full eyelashes that perfectly frame the eyes. Unfortunately, most of us are not as lucky and have to resort to false eyelashes and extra makeup. Latisse eye drops from Ahava Medispa can be the cure for improving your lashes. You are just drops away from having lush and beautiful lashes.

The eye drops are a type of glaucoma drug called bimatoprost which has been FDA approved for almost 15 years. Over that span, doctors noticed patients with glaucoma had longer and fuller eyelashes after taking the drug. Latisse treats patients that are not growing eyelashes at the proper rate, resulting in enhanced growth, darkness, length and thickness of the patient’s lashes. The results and reviews from patients that have used Latisse are overwhelmingly positive.

Livingston, NJ Latisse Treatment

The Latisse process has been proven to work because it promotes a constant state of growth within the eyelashes, resulting in longer lashes. The lashes maintain their color because the production of pigment in each strand of hair is enhanced.

Others have tried products like mascara to lengthen their lashes, but despite seeing positive results, the improvements to the lashes are not permanent. Artificial lashes and extensions can cause allergy flare-ups and even irritation to the areas around the eyes. Some opt to have hair transplants that move hair into the areas that need it, but that can be difficult and expensive. With Latisse from Ahava Medispa, you can have longer, fuller lashes and maintain them for a long time without having to empty your wallet. Many of these other techniques can break the bank, but through Ahava you can get permanent results for around $120.

Latisse takes its effect by using the drops once a day for an eight week period and applying it to the bottom part of the upper eyelashes. After those treatments, Latisse can be used less frequently to improve and maintain the growth of not only eyelashes but also eyebrows.

Eyelash Enhancement in New Jersey

Ahava Medispa offers many other treatments and procedures to help you achieve the look that you have wanted your entire life. We offer Botox, hair transplants, Fillers, Sciton and many other procedures in our leisurely spa environment. The doctors and medical professionals at Ahava can address any questions or concerns.

Located in Livingston, New Jersey, Ahava Medispa is the leading medical spa in the area that will help you to feel like yourself again. If you would like to inquire about a possible prescription for Latisse, or discuss our other treatment options, then contact us today. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with us and take the steps necessary to achieve your aesthetic goals.

A few reviews of Latisse suggest the possibility of some allergic reactions and a few side effects. The overall Latisse worth decreases because of allergies people develop to the inactive ingredient, benzalkonium chloride. Some of the side effects include redness and itching of the eye, eye irritation, and dryness. However, these are mild in nature compared to the incredible results and reviews of Latisse. The efficacy of Latisse eyelash treatment can be felt by applying it once a day for at least eight weeks to the base of the upper eyelashes.

On average, the price is found to be around $120. Considering other products in the same category are a lot more expensive than the Latisse eyelash product, this price is definitely reasonable. However, Latisse acts at a relatively slow pace and results take some time to be noticeable.