CoolSculpting Weight Loss in Livingston

CoolSculpting has quickly become one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. Having many of the benefits of Liposuction and less of the downsides, CoolSculpting is a reliably effective strategy for safe weight loss. Ahava Medispa is proud to say that we are the first office in New Jersey to offer CoolSculpting Plus, which is 20% more effective than traditional methods and provides the best possible service for our patients.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an alternative to liposuction that eliminates the need for anesthesia, injections, and surgery altogether. The CoolSculpting applicator essentially freezes and destroys fat cells from trouble areas where fat seems more stubborn and will not go away. Over the course of a few sessions, the CoolSculpting process tones and tightens those areas with no recovery time needed. A simple 45-minute treatment can begin your journey towards renewed confidence and a brand new you.

Introducing CoolSculpting Plus

Ahava Medispa is the first office to offer CoolSculpting Plus in New Jersey, making it the best option for your CoolSculpting needs. CoolSculpting Plus is the newest innovation that adds an acoustic massage through the use of Z-Wave. The vibrations provided by the Z-Wave device infiltrate the fatty tissue and disperse it, getting rid of the “dimply” look of cellulite and providing a smoother finish to the skin. Coupled with the comprehensive CoolSculpting treatment, the fat is smoothed out with the Z-Wave, then destroyed, making CoolSculpting Plus up to 40% more effective than previous methods.

What to Expect from CoolSculpting Plus

The procedure of CoolSculpting Plus is virtually painless, albeit a bit noisy. The machine that creates the Z-Wave vibrations will make a loud noise, but that is typically the biggest annoyance of the procedure. The professional cosmetic team at Ahava will make you as comfortable as possible and have you back out the door typically within the hour to go about the rest of your day. Some patients report some tenderness following the procedure, but any discomfort from the procedure is minimal and dissipates quickly. Any post-procedure symptoms that may occur are nothing to be concerned about in comparison to the recovery period after liposuction.

CoolSculpting Near You in Livingston, New Jersey

As part of our ongoing commitment to high-quality service, we at Ahava Medispa have dedicated ourselves to stay up to date on state of the art technology such as CoolSculpting Plus. As with any new procedure. we understand if you’re hesitant to give this effective and safe procedure a try. That’s why we offer a free consultation for our clients before they opt-in for this weight loss method. We offer this to sit down with you, discuss the procedure, what to expect and discuss any and all concerns that you may have. Just like our other cosmetic services at our local medical spa, we are dedicated to making you comfortable and help you achieve a look that accomplishes your aesthetical goals. Contact us today to set up your free consultation and experience weight loss in a whole new way.