Ahava Medispa in Livingston, NJ offers APOLLO TRIPOLLAR, the ideal solution for all those areas that need an extra hand. Apollo offers safe, effective and convenient wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, preventive wrinkle and aging, cellulite treatment and localized fat & circumference reduction.

As we age, wrinkles and excess fat not only add years to our bodies but can lead to a lack of confidence in ourselves. A TriPollar Apollo treatment program from Ahava Medispa can be the solution to these age-old problems. This radiofrequency device moderately heats the skin. As a result of the heat, the skin condenses and eliminates unwanted fat and improves the overall shape of your body. The treatment also removes wrinkles from your skin and gives the applied area a younger look. Imagine being able to remove fat from your body, look younger and maintain that youthful glow with one treatment plan. At Ahava Medispa it is possible.

It can take weeks or months to see significant results with dieting or exercising and many people struggle to maintain those habits long-term. The heating sessions that Ahava provides effectively remove fat and wrinkles quicker. The procedure is comfortable, relaxing and the patient feels like they are getting a massage. Other methods such as VelaShape and Thermage try to accomplish the same task, but they don’t match TriPollar Apollo’s ability to generate heat in a short amount of time. The TriPollar Apollo method offered at Ahava Medispa makes the process easy and painless for patients.

Apollo TriPollar Treatment in New Jersey

The energy from the radiofrequency is able to warm the inner skin layers and does not harm your outer skin. Skin firmness, which is caused by a protein called collagen, is located in the inner layers of skin. The device will heat the collagen, pull the skin closer together and slim down the area. These sessions cause effectively no pain and the procedure can be used on nearly every type of skin.

Repeat treatments will allow for the results to be maintained. Ahava Medispa endorses six heat applications a week to the area for the best possible results and then a follow-up every six months to maintain the progress.

The TriPollar Apollo method works quickly and efficiently with little to no possible side effects. Ahava Medispa treats men and women while removing the fat and wrinkles from areas such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, love handles and upper arms. These treatments have been approved by the FDA and are a stress-free way to improve your appearance as you age.

Anti-Aging Procedures in NJ


The setting for these sessions will be in our top-of-the-line spa facilities, which will provide a relaxing environment for our patients. If that is not reassuring enough, our group of experts ensures the medical safety of every patient and will answer all questions throughout the process. We also provide other services including Botox, Latisse, hair removal procedures and more to help you achieve the look you desire.

Ahava Medispa is located in Livingston, New Jersey and is a leading medical spa that assists in making you look and feel your best regardless of age. If you would like to learn more about Ahava Medispa or our treatment plans, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us.

At Ahava, we work hard to make sure our patient’s needs are met while they enjoy a relaxing experience. Contact us today so you can feel like yourself again.