Introducing the Most Advanced Cosmetic and Sexual Medicine Treatments in New York and New Jersey

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Vampire web

*Vampire Facial and Facelift

*Vampire Breast Lift

*Vampire Hair Restoration

*The O-Shot (Female Orgasm, Vaginal Pain and Urinary Leakage Correction)

*The P-Shot (Male Impotence Treatment, Size Enhancement, and Curvature Correction)

Using “platelet rich plasma or PRP”, Dr. Ron Israeli can painlessly, safely, quickly and effectively restore and enhance your body to it’s earlier form. This amazing new medical technology can improve skin quality, erase lines and wrinkles and take years off of your face, enlarge your breasts and make them sexier, treat male and female hair loss effectively, cure female sexual dysfunction, including restoring, creating, and enhancing orgasms, eliminate vaginal pain, and end embarrassing urinary leakage, and enhance penile length and girth, improve sensation and treat erectile dysfunction in men.

PRP is isolated and purified from your own blood in our office using cutting edge medical technology.  The resulting product contains stem cells and growth factors that powerfully harness your own body to heal, regenerate, and restore your younger and healthier self! The resulting blood product is completely safe and natural.

oooshot web**Countless women suffer from painful sex, vaginal dryness, and lack of orgasms.  This can now be easily treated.

**Viagra and other medications are costly, have side effects and don’t always work. They don’t cure erectile dysfunction. PRP can help men regain their earlier function and sensation. The average man gains significant length and thickness, which lasts….

**Hair transplants are very expensive and painful with downtime and healing. PRP hair restoration is simple and quick. It is very effective and much more cost effective.

**The vampire facial is a quick and amazingly effective method to regain that healthy glow and improve facial skin quality.  There is no downtime.

**Rather than continuously purchase expensive fillers for facial injection, PRP naturally stimulates your face to remodel and regain that beautiful young look you once had.

**PRP is also very effective in helping to eliminate scars, fade and hide stretch marks and cellulite, and promote wound healing.